Hand-drawn Dataviz

As a parent of small kids, and especially as a scientist parent, you search for patterns in a universe without patterns. This realization led me not try to collect data, but instead hand-draw a series of data visualizations about family, parenting, and the dream of a work-life balance.

These were posted to Twitter, and combined as a thread here.

The broccoli anomaly

Young kids are happy to feed themselves, especially if its junk food. Once in a while, you’ll find yourself in a good phase where you can convince them that broccoli is a tiny tree 🌳 and they are a big hungry dinosaur 🦕.

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The exponential growth of getting sick

Kids get colds and the flu and it isn’t until they are multiple and start going to daycare and school do you encounter the exponential growth that is childhood infectivity.

Dataviz: sick kids

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## The kid bedtime

Putting a 3 year old to bed is an exercise in patience. Too early, and you’ll be there hours as they calm down. Too late, and you are against the storm that is an overtired kid. You gotta find that perfect moment: The Sleep Singularity.

Dataviz: kid bedtime

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Non-linear aging

My perceived age, in relation to my actual age, had two dips during undergad and grad school (parties??). Since becoming a parent, my perceived age has quickly outgrown my actual age.

Dataviz: dad years

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Indoor enthusiast

Most of the good sunlight and weather is during regular office hours.

Dataviz: indoor workdays

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Philip Shemella

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