Hand-drawn Dataviz

As a parent of small kids, and especially as a scientist parent, you search for patterns in a universe without patterns. This realization led me not try to collect data, but instead hand-draw a series of data visualizations about family, parenting, and the dream of a work-life balance.

The Case for Part-time, part 2

one is many The previous post The Case for Part-time came off more self-serving than I intended, and I wanted to frame my thoughts as part of the larger context.

The Case for Part-time

I’ve made a huge mistake (in my professional life) Eighteen months ago I quit my full-time job to follow my dreams and launch a startup. At the time, my boss offered my same job but part-time (2 days per week, or 40%).

Life in the Baby Universe: The Physics of Babies

This article was originally published in Physics World September 2013, copyright IOP Publishing, reproduced here with permission. I became a first-time father around the same time my postdoc contract ended.