Free-fall and Personal Growth

I’m not a skydiver. I never got a license. It’s been ten years since I did my fifteen measly jumps. But those few weeks of ground school, pre-instructed then video-analyzed jumps, and those several thousand bucks, provided both professional and personal lessons that I’ve thought about nearly every day since then – and hopefully put to some use.

Healthy hiring (at a cost to diversity?)

I recently interviewed for a position with a fast-growing startup in food tech. The position checked all my boxes, and because I didn’t make it past the interview stage, the following may be some sour grapes 🍇.

Life in the Baby Universe: The Physics of Babies

This article was originally published in Physics World September 2013, copyright IOP Publishing, reproduced here with permission. I became a first-time father around the same time my postdoc contract ended.